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It all starts with the chocolate, and Fascia’s has been using the same Swiss style chocolate for decades. Our Milk, White, and Semi and Bitter sweet Dark Chocolates are all of the finest quality available. We have a taste profile that appeals to chocolate lovers everywhere.

We make all our confections in small batches to ensure the highest possible quality and freshness. The time-honored methods of hand stirring in a copper kettle or cooling naturally on a marble slab may seem quaint, but we feel they are important to ensuring the best finished product.

Each item is available in different ways and packages.  Most are available in our showcase and can be purchased by the piece and priced per pound.  Where applicable, we’ve highlighted how the item can be bought and provide a link to the item in or shopping cart.  Most importantly, we’ve provided a picture and description so you can identify the pieces in the assorted boxes!

Boxed Assortments

Fascia’s Confections